Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Attention James Garner Fans...

...and Jack Kelly fans, too!

Next Tuesday, September 27th, three classic episodes of my all-time favorite TV series, MAVERICK, will be released on DVD. (The best price I've found is at Deep Discount DVD, linked above.) I have loved this show since I first discovered it in reruns when I was a teenager, and thanks to Columbia House releasing some of the episodes on VHS a few years back, my children have come to love it too.

The DVD release of only three episodes, rather than a full season, was a disappointment, but there are rumors on some DVD sites that if the "sampler" disc sells well, full-season releases of MAVERICK may follow. By all means, please try this disc, you won't be disappointed :). The DVD includes the show's most famous episode, "Shady Deal at Sunny Acres."

Then, on December 6th, the first season of The Rockford Files will be released, just in time for Christmas gift giving!


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