Thursday, December 22, 2005

I Love Williams-Sonoma

I had a surprise while wrapping gifts this week, I discovered that a box from Williams-Sonoma only contained one of the two items I had ordered, although the packing slip indicated both items were in the box.

I was initially disappointed when I called the company, as the item, a pretty blue spatula my 10-year-old had asked for for Christmas, was now out of stock. Yesterday I filled out a follow-up email survey from the company indicating that my call was handled politely, but I was disappointed I wouldn't be able to give my daughter the spatula.

Today I received a call from a Williams-Sonoma representative letting me know that they had found some of the same color spatula, though in a larger size than I'd ordered, and they'd like to send one to us as a gift! I was very impressed that they went "above and beyond" to such an extent to make up for their error.

Williams-Sonoma is not always the least expensive company to deal with, but I really appreciate a quality company that will go out of its way to make customers happy. They will certainly be receiving my business again in future.


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