Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito Hearings: The Day in Review

Despite my love for politics and hopes for Judge Alito's prompt confirmation, I have a very difficult time actually watching much of the hearings; they strike me as more a forum for political speeches and gamesmanship than for any truly meaningful discussion of the issues. It's hard enough on my blood pressure to read the transcripts after the fact!

Here's some of the day's confirmation news:

Confirm Them has a comprehensive, link-filled rundown on the day's events (above).

Over at Hugh Hewitt's site, he has a partial transcript of his interview today with liberal law professor Erwin Chemerinsky, in which they discussed Senator Kennedy's outrageous opening statement. Kennedy said, "Judge Alito has not written one single opinion on the merits in favor of a person of color alleging race discrimination on the job. In fifteen years on the bench, not one." Chemerinsky stated, a bit reluctantly but truthfully, that Kennedy "was wrong."

Michelle Malkin has the facts to counter Kennedy's statement (scroll down).

Power Line notes that a former Democrat Governor of New Jersey, Brendan Byrne, has endorsed Alito.

Ed Whelan at Bench Memos has more analysis, including a refutation of Senator Durbin's opening statement.

The Corner has had great ongoing commentary all day -- lots more fun than actually watching the hearings! The "hearing watch" even gets the media pros down: John Podhoretz said he'd rather be watching MY MOTHER THE CAR.


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