Sunday, January 22, 2006

NBC Cancels The West Wing

No surprises here, but NBC has made it official: THE WEST WING has been cancelled after 7 seasons. The series wraps up on May 14th, with a retrospective and final episode being aired that evening.

I avoided the show its first couple seasons simply because of what I read about the liberal politics, on and off screen. After stumbling across it one evening, however, I was hooked -- simply put, the show was extremely well-done, of a caliber rarely seen in primetime television. And in recent years they have even attempted, at times, to be more politically balanced. One of my favorite storylines featured John Goodman as a Republican Speaker of the House who temporarily became President. I thought he was a much better President than Martin Sheen's Jed Bartlett. :)

Well, at least I have my DVD's... (I hope Seasons 6 and 7 are released so I'll have the complete set!)

Wednesday Update: Season 6 will be released on DVD on May 9, 2006. (Hat tip: TV Shows on DVD.)


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