Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"What Price Alito?"

Robert Novak weighs the political calculations being made this week by red state Democrats.

Meanwhile, Mary Landrieu has announced she will not support a filibuster.

Other bits of interesting news on the ongoing Senate debate can be found at Confirm Them and Bench Memos. Ed Whelan at Bench Memos has an excellent response to Hillary Clinton's floor speech, in which she blames Justice Alito for the response to Hurricane Katrina. (I'm not kidding -- take a look.)

John Ziegler of KFI Radio asked Barbara Boxer some uncomfortable questions about Judge Alito at a press conference. (Click on Editorials on the left, and then on his 1/25 column.) Boxer, unfortunately, is one of my state's Senators. Her answers were no surprise, but they certainly give a window into the intellectual vacancy of Senator Boxer and her like.


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