Friday, February 10, 2006

President Bush 41: "I Thought It Was Kind of Ugly"

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush has spoken frankly about his feelings on the political slams made at the funeral of Coretta Scott King.

Peggy Noonan wasn't as offended as I was by the funeral's politicization, seeing it as a great example of "free speech," but she did note, as I did the other day, this uncomfortable moment with President Clinton: "Yes, he caused a quarter-second of awkwardness when he said of the beautiful Coretta that even at age 75 she still had the goods, but in moments of exuberance we all forget our own history."

Well, those of us who noted the leering tone in Clinton's voice at that moment certainly hadn't forgotten.


Blogger Cathy said...

The behavior of many of the folks at Ms. King's funeral was an embarrassment. Political posturing at such a time is tactless...

6:33 AM  

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