Saturday, March 04, 2006

Searching for AP's Katrina "Clarification"

Scott Johnson at Power Line is on the case searching for anyone who has actually used the AP's Friday night videotape story "clarification":

"The clarification does not turn up anywhere online except as noted here. Today's Washington Post carries an editorial condemning the Bush administration based on its own misreporting of the video story: "Caught on tape." The AP's timing of the clarification's release on a Friday night smacks of Clinton-style scandal management. I can't find the clarification in the Post or in any other newspaper."

More analysis from Randy at, who discusses the Friday night timing of the correction, and Gina Cobb, who notes: "Somebody needs to resign, and it isn't President Bush."

Afternoon Update: Kudos to USA TODAY which has noted the correction on the front page of its website, under the Katrina Update topic: "We don't normally work on the weekends, but the Associated Press has released a "clarification" of its headline-grabbing report earlier this week and we wanted to get it out as soon as we could."


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