Sunday, May 28, 2006

Around the Blogosphere This Weekend

Power Line (linked above) points out that while only 17 Republicans didn't vote in favor of the House immigration bill, the Senate bill is essentially a Democrat plan, supported by 38 Democrats (plus Jeffords) with only 4 no votes, while a majority of Republican Senators opposed the bill, 32-22.

I'd add to Power Line's thoughts that the President, in essence, is working to push a Democrat immigration plan (which has gone much further in "giveaways" than the plan he originally proposed) while trying to "lean" on those in his own party to conform to the Democrats' bill. Personally, I didn't vote for a Republican with such "bipartisanship" in mind...

John Kerry is still trying to fight with the Swift Boat Veterans. Ed Morrissey reminds readers of the inconvenient questions Kerry has refused to answer about his military records and career.

I haven't blogged anything to date about the Duke lacrosse team, but Betsy Newmark, who lives in North Carolina and whose children have attended Duke, has done an excellent job analyzing developments, particularly the baffling conduct of the prosecutor.


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