Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Christian School Lawsuit Against UC Goes Forward

Over the past few months I have posted a few times about a lawsuit by Christian schools against the University of California, which the schools allege discriminates against high school courses taught from a Christian "worldview."

A judge has ruled that the case will go to trial: "It is evident that the plaintiffs have alleged sufficient facts to state a claim for violation of the freedom of speech in the forms of content-based regulation and viewpoint discrimination."

The judge also said the schools showed "they had been required to choose between teaching courses that promoted their religious views and complying with UC's requirements."

Among other things, UC refuses to certify "courses that challenge evolutionary teachings."

As I posted in December, UC "approved courses from other schools on Buddhism, Islam, Jewish history and the effects of feminism and counterculture on literature but turned down Calvary's submissions in history and literature, as well as a government class titled Special Providence: Christianity and the American Republic."

This will be a very interesting case to follow.


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