Monday, August 07, 2006

Tonight's TV: Meerkat Manor

Tonight we watched the first three episodes of Animal Planet's "reality" animal series, MEERKAT MANOR.

Meerkats have always interested me, and when I read about this show a few weeks ago in USA TODAY, I was curious to see it. Our cable system no longer carries Animal Planet, so we have only just now started to catch up with the series, thanks to a friend who recorded it.

The show has lived up to expectations and is quite fascinating, offering plenty of drama, humor, and pathos (drat that crazy Youssarian!). Definitely worth checking out.


Blogger Irene said...

We don't have cable but if we did I think I would be watching Animal Planet all the time. Last year I flew 'cross country and watched Animal Planet the whole way on Jet Blue.

I watched Duma on DVD last night. It is a good family movie (no cussing, no sex, etc). Rated PG for animal peril. It was good but rather boring. I liked Black Beauty much better.

I'm going to look for that Crock Pot cook book today.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for the feedback on those movies! I'm not familiar with either of them. By coincidence, my younger daughter is just about to finish her first-ever reading of BLACK BEAUTY. I will look for that film ASAP. (I just received a coupon for a free rental at Blockbuster...) I just looked up DUMA on IMDb and that looks interesting as well. Many thanks for the tips.

Hope you enjoy the cookbook! I've been flipping through it this morning looking for the next thing I want to try making in my crockpot.

Best wishes, Laura

9:53 AM  

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