Saturday, October 21, 2006

Resurgent Republicans?

Power Line had a series of encouraging posts today (above, here, and here) questioning whether the Republicans are bouncing back.

Of course, one might question whether they've ever been as far down as the media would have us believe...

Also be sure to catch the video of the news story of Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford looking like he's not ready for prime time.

Fred Barnes, writing in The Weekly Standard, notes the "cynical" publication of David Kuo's book attacking the Bush Administration; the author mind-blowingly says he wrote the book "Because I think someone had to point out that Jesus and George W. Bush are different people." As Fred says, "Who knew?"

Barnes writes:

"If you suspect there are forces eager to suppress Republican turnout, you are right. Rarely has the press echoed Democratic themes as relentlessly as it has in the closing weeks of the 2006 campaign. And the main theme is that Republicans are about to be blown away. The question now is whether this message will persuade Republican voters to stay home on Election Day."

It is my hope that voters are too well informed to be fooled at this late date. I have had my disagreements with the Bush Administration and Congress and detailed them here, but those issues are nothing compared to the trouble our country will be in if Democrats regain control of Congress. We need to remember that the Republican Congress has accomplished many positive things, including the confirmation of two fine Supreme Court justices and the tax cuts which have helped lead to outstanding economic news and halving the federal deficit years ahead of schedule; the good financial news is minimally covered, of course, by the national media, who prefer to keep the focus on negative subjects like Mark Foley.

It would be a sweet thing indeed to wake up the morning after Election Day and find that the pundits and pollsters were all wrong. I think such a happening would permanently impact the coverage of future elections. In this day and age, the media and pollsters couldn't continue making incorrect predictions forever and continue to be taken seriously by the voting public.


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