Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Obama: Why Now?

Paul Mirengoff of Power Line writes sobering words about political newcomer Barack Obama's Presidential aspirations: "A serious country would not take his candidacy seriously. This country will."

In this day and age so much with regard to American politics seems to be about emotions and "surface," not reality and substance.

As I wrote here in December, Obama is attractive and articulate, but he has almost zero legislative or executive experience. As we go forward in a world filled with new terror threats, is this really the man who should be leading our country?

That Obama himself doesn't recognize it would be wise to gain a few more years of experience and knowledge raises questions in my mind about his wisdom, or lack thereof; trying to grab the brass ring just because it's there may also possibly speak to a desire for power for power's sake, rather than the desire to do what's truly best for the country.

As Michael Barone wrote not long ago: "Obama has the ability to be a strong candidate. But it's not clear, perhaps not even to himself, whether he has the capacity to be a strong and effective president."


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