Friday, July 20, 2007

Around the Blogosphere Last Week

Random odds and ends for your weekend reading pleasure...

Brian Stelter of TV Newser said goodbye to his blog's readers today (subject link), as he leaves for his new job at the New York Times.

Fox News Bret Baier Becomes a Father: Bret's newborn son, Paul, had heart surgery but is reported doing well.

Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less: From "Minimalist" Mark Bittman.

I Was an eBay Voldemort: Will Collier writes an amusing piece for National Review on what ensued when he received one of the copies of HARRY POTTER inadvertently sent out early by DeepDiscount. (No plot spoilers in article.)

Work on Texas Border Wall To Begin Soon: So says Michael Chertoff. I'll believe it when it happens...

NYC In-N-Out Rumor: That's a rumor I have trouble believing, given In-N-Out's firm belief in local control, but longtime owner Esther Snyder passed away, so you never know...

A Royal Nobody: Biographer Sarah Bradford reviews Tim Heald's new biography PRINCESS MARGARET: A LIFE UNRAVELLED, which came out in Britain this spring. It does not yet appear to be available at U.S. Amazon. Curiously (and confusingly!), Heald's book has the exact same cover photo of Princess Margaret as Theo Aronson's 2001 biography of the princess.

Happy weekend!


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