Saturday, August 25, 2007

Coming to DVD: Frasier, Season 10

Great news this week for fans of classic TV: the final season of FRASIER to be released on DVD is coming December 11th.

Season 11 was released soon after the series went off the air, so the release of Season 10 means that fans can now enjoy the entire series.

Although I enjoyed the show, I saw relatively little of FRASIER when it first aired; in the '90s I was too busy with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to watch much TV. :) One of the great pleasures of DVDs is the ability to watch a TV series from start to finish, at whatever pace one desires. Over the last few years we've been watching FRASIER straight through from the first episode and we're now up to the last disc of Season 8.

I'd definitely rank FRASIER as one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Turning on an episode is like a comforting visit with family. And has there ever been a more gifted comedian than David Hyde Pierce?

I have a feeling by the time we finish the last episode of Season 11 we'll be reading to go back to Season 1, Episode 1, and start all over again.


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