Sunday, September 23, 2007

Steyn On Sunday: HillaryCare

The inimitable Mark Steyn: "Last week freedom took another hit. Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled her new health care plan. Unlike her old health care plan, which took longer to read than most cancers take to kill you, this one’s instant and painless – just a spoonful of government sugar to help the medicine go down. From now on, everyone in America will have to have health insurance. Hooray! And, if you don’t, it will be illegal for you to hold a job. Er, hang on, where’s that in the Constitution?"

His conclusion: "Do you remember the so-called 'government surplus' of a few years ago? Bill Clinton gave a speech in which he said, yes, sure, he could return the money to taxpayers but that we 'might not spend it the right way.' The American political class has decided that they know better than you the 'right way' to make health care decisions. Oh, don’t worry, you’re still fully competent to make decisions on what car you drive and what movie you want to rent at Blockbuster. For the moment. But when it comes to the grownup stuff, best to leave that to Nurse Hillary."


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