Saturday, October 06, 2007

Kristol on Thomas: Read This Book

Bill Kristol writes at the Weekly Standard that Clarence Thomas's new book "is almost as important a contribution to his beloved country as his work as a Supreme Court justice."

At Real Clear Politics, Mona Charen reflects on how many in the media charge that the book is "bitter" and "angry." In the first place, as Charen notes, wouldn't it be strange if Thomas were not angry about the way he was treated in his infamous confirmation hearings?

More importantly, writes Charen, "...while there is anger in the book -- justifiable anger, one might argue -- there is also tenderness, vulnerability, brutal honesty and overflowing gratitude. None of the major reactions to the book seem to have noticed those things."

I've seen and heard several interviews with Justice Thomas over the last week, including Rush Limbaugh's extended interview last Monday, and I've been extremely impressed with the thoughtful way Justice Thomas has presented his life story. He strikes me as a very high-quality individual, to say the least.

Back to Bill Kristol and the conclusion of his review: "Thomas's memoir raises fundamental questions of love and responsibility, family and character. His book is a brief for the stern and vigorous virtues, but in a context of faith and love. It's a delightful book--you really can't put it down--but it's also a source of moral education for young Americans. It could be almost as important a contribution to his beloved country as Clarence Thomas's work as a Supreme Court justice. And it suggests one more contribution he could make. Thomas in 2012!"


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