Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tonight's Movie: Eyes in the Night (1942)

Blind detective Duncan MacLain (Edward Arnold) is asked for help by an old friend, Norma (Ann Harding), whose bratty stepdaughter (Donna Reed) suspects Norma of murder.

MacLain ultimately becomes involved in stopping a murderous Nazi spy ring in this very entertaining mystery with plenty of unique twists. MacLain has a guide dog, Friday (billed as "Himself"), who is something of a wonder dog; Friday is great fun to watch. Arnold has a grand time playing the observant, creative detective.

The supporting cast includes Reginald Denny, Rosemary DeCamp, Stephen (Horace) McNally, and Barry Nelson. The film runs 80 minutes.

Edward Arnold and Friday returned in a sequel, THE HIDDEN EYE, in 1945.

EYES IN THE NIGHT was one of the first full-length feature films directed by Fred Zinnemann, following the excellent KID GLOVE KILLER, reviewed here last November. In his autobiography Zinnemann commented on the film only briefly, noting that the film was a challenge because Edward Arnold required several takes and the dog got bored after his first take.

It's fun to see Donna Reed in one of her earliest roles in EYES IN THE NIGHT. During this phase of her career, she was training at MGM in bit parts and B movies. Over a decade after EYES IN THE NIGHT, Zinnemann and Reed would reunite as he directed her in her Oscar-winning performance in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY.

EYES IN THE NIGHT has been released on DVD and VHS. It can also be seen on Turner Classic Movies.

The trailer is available at TCM.


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I love this series. There were a few, I think. All quite amusing and interesting. Thanks for writing about them!

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