Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The World of Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary is one of my little boy's favorite authors. He is currently doing a book report on Cleary's RUNAWAY RALPH. While we were looking online for biographical info on Cleary he could include in his report, we discovered that she has a very nice website, The World of Beverly Cleary.

The website includes a "neighborhood map" of Klickitat Street, character profiles, a trivia quiz, and a reading guide for RAMONA.

I hope other Cleary fans will enjoy visiting her site as much as we did.

Previously: Beverly Cleary at 90, posted here on March 28, 2006.


Blogger Michele B. said...

As usual we are on the same track. We just finished listening to the audio CDs of The Mouse and the Motorcycle, which DS loved. I didn't know there was another book in the series. Will have to get to the library to check out this one!

6:36 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

What fun! So glad to let you know about the next book.

Youngest son has loved Beverly Cleary since RIBSY which I think might have been his first chapter book. Have you read that one yet?

BTW, I just taped THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS (on your favorite movies list!) for youngest daughter to see. :)


10:27 AM  
Blogger Michele B. said...

I did a search and found that there are two sequels to "Mouse." I have them reserved (on audio) at the library, and also ordered the books from Amazon (I had a gift certificate). DS loves to read books he has listened to.

Glad to hear your DD will get to experience The Trouble with Angels! My favorite line - "Madame I am not a child, I'm a midget with bad habits!"

5:42 AM  

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