Monday, June 02, 2008

Yes on 98, No on 99

Californians vote on two eminent domain propositions on Tuesday. After spending quite a bit of time reading up and trying to untangle the meaning of the two measures, I've decided to vote as stated above.

Prop. 98's goal is to prevent governments from transferring private property to developers, but preserves traditional uses of eminent domain for such community needs as schools and freeways.

See-Dubya, posting at Michelle Malkin's site, came to the same conclusion.

Some bloggers are protesting that Prop. 98 has been falsely advertised by its backers, who haven't mentioned in ads that it bans rent control. However, the rent control ban is very clearly stated in the second sentence of the ballot description. Seeing as how rent control is another form of governmental taking of property, I don't have any problem with this being part of the bill.


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