Sunday, July 20, 2008

Too Economical?

It's been a hectic weekend here as we prepare for our upcoming vacation, but I can't resist passing on a curious royal fashion note:

Yesterday Princess Anne of Great Britain wore the same dress and hat she had worn to Charles and Diana's 1981 wedding to the wedding of her cousin, Lady Rose Windsor.

While Anne is to be greatly commended for still fitting nicely in something she wore 27 years ago (!), it strikes me as somewhat tacky for a wealthy woman to "recycle" the dress by wearing it to a wedding, when it was first worn to another wedding that (in)famously ended in divorce and tragedy. Bad vibes there. She could have re-used it at a garden party or Ascot instead...

Lady Rose, for those who might wonder, is the daughter of the Queen's first cousin, the Duke of Gloucester.

Kate Middleton was in attendance although Prince William couldn't be there due to naval service; her solo appearance at a royal family event further stoked speculation that an engagement will be announced in the coming months.


Blogger jau said...

Maybe she doesn't like one of the couple who were getting married and this was a way of jinxing them! :)

7:05 AM  
Blogger Laura said...


Laura :)

8:11 AM  

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