Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tonight's Movie: And Baby Makes Three (1949)

AND BABY MAKES THREE is a very silly movie which I found amusing despite the far-fetched plot and unethical characters.

Jackie (Barbara Hale) had obtained a quickie Reno divorce from Vern (Robert Young) when she erroneously believed he'd had a tryst with a sexpot client (Janis Carter). Jackie is about to marry wealthy Herb (Robert Hutton) on the rebound when she's diagnosed as being pregnant...with Vern's baby.

Jackie and Vern belong together, of course, but first they engage in all manner of schemes, with Vern trying to prove he deserves partial custody, and Jackie later trying to break up Vern's engagement. No one seems to think a thing of lying, which may be what got them into trouble in the first place (in fact, the lies continue up to the very last line of the movie) -- but this being a '40s comedy, it ends exactly as you would expect.

It's no great shakes -- the plot of this one tried my husband's patience (grin) -- yet I found it was just right for undemanding viewing after a couple long workdays. It's probably mainly for fans of Robert Young and Barbara Hale, but there is also a solid supporting cast to add to the fun, including Billie Burke, Melville Cooper, Nicholas Joy, and Lloyd Corrigan.

Lovely Theresa Harris, who plays Janis Carter's maid, was in over 80 movies. Viewers may recognize her from FINISHING SCHOOL, JEZEBEL, THE WOMEN, PHANTOM LADY, THREE LITTLE GIRLS IN BLUE, OUT OF THE PAST, THE BIG CLOCK, and TENSION, among other movies.

Young and Hale, incidentally, had been previously teamed in LADY LUCK (1946).

AND BABY MAKES THREE was shot in black and white and runs 84 minutes. It was directed by Henry Levin.

This film has not had a video or DVD release, but it has been shown on TCM. The trailer is here.


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