Friday, April 17, 2009

Jody McCrea Dies at Age 74

Actor Jody McCrea, the son of Joel McCrea and Frances Dee, has died at age 74.

He passed away on April 4th.

McCrea was a regular actor in several of the "Beach Party" movies of the 1960s.

Frankie Avalon told the Los Angeles Times (click the title of this post) that McCrea "was just a real fine gentleman and a lot more talented than he really got out of the career of being an actor. He was very bright, and he created this character that was kind of the dummy and, of course, he was the opposite of that. He was a well-built, real athletic-looking guy, and he really was a surfer: He'd get on that board and surf."

Avalon added that McCrea "never boasted about who his parents were." Jody's parents are two of my favorite actors.

Another obituary was published in the Roswell Daily Record. (Hat tip: Remembering Frances Dee.) His death was also noted on his official website.

McCrea is survived by his brothers Peter and David.


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