Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tonight's Movie: The Goose and the Gander (1935)

THE GOOSE AND THE GANDER is a terrific little country house farce in the best '30s romantic comedy tradition.

Georgiana (Kay Francis) plots to have her ex-husband (Ralph Forbes) catch his new wife (Genevieve Tobin) with another man (George Brent). They all end up in Georgiana's home in the mountains, but her plans for revenge are complicated by a pair of jewel thieves (John Eldredge and Claire Dodd) and lots of mistaken identities.

It's all quite light and amusing, and 65 minutes whiz past quickly. Francis and Brent are charming, and Tobin deserves particular kudos for her delightfully daffy performance as the second wife. (Tobin was also in 1940's NO TIME FOR COMEDY, which I reviewed in February.) My favorite movie butler, Charles Coleman, is also on hand to preside over the crazy goings-on.

The film was directed by Alfred E. Green. The movie has wonderful set design -- I loved Francis's house -- and Francis has her usual killer wardrobe designed by Orry-Kelly.

THE GOOSE AND THE GANDER is not on video or DVD, but it can be seen on Turner Classic Movies, which has the original trailer available.

This may have been a short little film, but it was made with style by movie pros who knew how to produce polished, fun entertainment.

August 2010 Update: THE GOOSE AND THE GANDER is now available in DVR-R format from the Warner Archive.

Update: My review of the Warner Archive DVD may be found here.


Blogger Raquel Stecher said...

You sold me on "little country house farce". :-)

6:18 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

It reminded me a little bit of one of my favorite episodes of FRASIER, where everyone is popping in and out of bedroom doors at a vacation cabin, if you've seen that one...

Hope you get the chance to view it!

Best wishes,

8:11 AM  

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