Friday, August 14, 2009

Coming to DVD: Up (2009)

It's been announced that the DVD release date for the Disney-Pixar film UP is November 10, 2009...just in time for our family's traditional Thanksgiving Night Pixar DVD viewing.

DVD Times has the details on the various editions which will be released; you can also check out the official Disney press release.

UP will be available in a single-disc edition or in a two-disc edition with a commentary, featurettes, and a digital copy. Amazon doesn't yet have the two-disc edition listed, but they do have the single-disc edition page ready. (Update: Here is the two-disc Amazon listing.)

We have the digital copy feature for a handful of movies such as PRINCE CASPIAN and WALL-E, and my children have enjoyed the novelty of being able to play a movie on an iPod from time to time. It's not the ideal way to watch a movie, but helps to pass the time on a long car drive or standing in a line somewhere!


Blogger Irene said...

You're just full of good news today ;) I will have to ask for this DVD for a belated birthday gift :)

6:30 PM  

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