Friday, November 27, 2009

Coming to DVD: Eye Witness (1950)

EYE WITNESS, a relatively little-known mystery starring Robert Montgomery, comes to DVD on February 23, 2010.

The movie was made in England and was titled YOUR WITNESS in the UK.

It's being released as the 13th entry in VCI's Forgotten Noir series. EYE WITNESS is part of a double feature set which also includes the 1952 film BREAKDOWN.

I've read a couple brief reviews indicating that EYE WITNESS is quite good. It was produced by longtime Hitchcock associate Joan Harrison, who also produced Montgomery's RIDE THE PINK HORSE (1947) and ONCE MORE, MY DARLING (1949).

Montgomery plays an American attorney who travels to England to help clear a friend of murder, and has to deal not only with finding the title character but navigating the unfamiliar British legal system.

Leslie Banks and Felix Aylmer costar.

This movie sounds really interesting; as a Montgomery fan, it's a "must buy" for me.


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