Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Noir City Film Festival Opens in L.A. April 2nd

Susan King has a nice interview with Eddie Muller and Alan K. Rode about the upcoming Noir City Film Festival. The festival opens Friday night, April 2nd, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

I have tickets to a double bill one night next week and am looking forward to sharing more about it here in a few days. I especially admire Eddie Muller, whose DVD commentaries I greatly enjoy, and hope he will be present that evening.

One detail in King's column which is incorrect: the article says none of the movies at the festival are available on DVD. EXPERIMENT PERILOUS is actually out on DVD-R via the Warner Archive. However, given that the playback of Archive products is unpredictable, this may be a minor factual quibble. It would be wonderful if all of the movies to be shown at the festival were available on burned DVDs.

More information about the festival is included in my post of March 23rd.


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