Sunday, June 26, 2011

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...

...Coming to DVD from the Twilight Time limited edition label: THE EGYPTIAN (1954) is now ready for pre-order. Extras include a commentary track by Alain Silver and James Ursini, as well as the trailer and an isolated musical score. This Michael Curtiz film stars Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, Gene Tierney, Michael Wilding, and Peter Ustinov. I've never seen this one and am considering ordering it.

...Check out Shadows and Satin, a new blog on film noir and pre-Codes from Karen Burroughs Hannsberry, editor of The Dark Pages film noir newsletter and author of FEMME NOIR: BAD GIRLS OF FILM.

...In late May I shared links concerning modern-day projection issues related to 3-D projectors, chiefly 3-D bulbs being set to burn too dimly, in order to prolong bulb life and save money, as well as dimly projected 2-D films being shown on 3-D projectors. My daughter passed on an interesting follow-up from SlashFilm about ultra-bright 3-D prints of the upcoming TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON (2011). It's hoped the special "bright" prints can help combat the projector issues.

...I loved Jacqueline's essay on CONFLICT (1945), a very enjoyable film starring Humphrey Bogart and Alexis Smith -- and I also appreciate her link to the post I wrote on the film last month.

...I printed this recipe for Snickerdoodle Muffins from Melissa Bakes. (Via TasteSpotting.)

...Raquelle recently had the opportunity to see Spencer Tracy in CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS (1937) on the big screen in Somerville, MA. Very nice!

...I love new technology, but at this point am inclined to agree that "Kindles Don't Compare to Books."

...Toby reviews the upcoming ROY ROGERS: THE COLLECTED DAILIES AND SUNDAYS at 50 Westerns From the 50s. I had no idea there was a Roy Rogers comic strip!

...Fans of Roy Rogers, as well as those who collect classic films on DVD, should be sure to read Barrie Maxwell's latest Classic Coming Attractions column, which is chock full of information. Barrie's reviews include FATE IS THE HUNTER (1964), THE WAY TO THE STARS (1945), TOWARD THE UNKNOWN (1956), and NIGHT FLIGHT (1933).

...At the TCM Movie Morlocks blog, Suzidoll pays tribute to Joan Blondell.

...Kristina's review of THE QUITTER (1934), a Poverty Row film, is quite interesting. It's wonderful to discover relatively little-known films such as this one.

...Kevin's Movie Corner shares thoughts on Cary Grant and Joan Bennett in BIG BROWN EYES (1936).

...A new HBO miniseries from Aaron Sorkin will focus on the history of Hollywood's Chateau Marmont hotel. It will be based on the book LIFE AT THE MARMONT by Raymond Sarlot.

...Millie plans a series on Deanna Durbin at her blog, Classic Forever.

...Some of the latest reviews from Glenn Erickson at DVD Savant: Steve McQueen in THE HONEYMOON MACHINE (1961), which has been remastered by Warner Archive, and Susan Hayward in WOMAN OBSESSED (1959), from Twilight Time.

...Season 2 of THE GOOD WIFE comes to DVD on September 13th, the same day as Season 1 of Tom Selleck's BLUE BLOODS.

...MacGuffin Movies reviews Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell in FAST AND LOOSE (1939), one of MGM's three Joel and Garda Sloan mysteries -- a unique series in that each title was filmed with different lead actors!

...Lou Lumenick's latest column focuses on the Sony Screen Classics By Request series. He also discusses some of the latest Warner Archive releases, such as IN NAME ONLY (1939), a wonderful soaper starring Cary Grant and Carole Lombard.

..."Classic Hollywood: Notable Films That Aren't on DVD" has an interesting list from Susan King of the Los Angeles Times. One of the movies she mentions, HOLD BACK THE DAWN (1941), especially deserves DVD release, thanks to its luminous performance by Olivia deHavilland.

...In last weekend's review of HOUSE OF STRANGERS (1949), I mentioned what a nice man Efrem Zimbalist Jr. is. That comes across well in this new interview celebrating the Warner Archive release of Zimbalist's TV series, THE FBI.

...Notable Passings: Composer Fred Steiner has passed away at the age of 88. Steiner, a prolific TV composer, created the theme for PERRY MASON...and as has been well chronicled elsewhere by now, COLUMBO star Peter Falk has died at 83. My younger son discovered COLUMBO via Netflix in the past year -- Falk's work will live on and entertain future generations.

Have a great week!


Blogger Ed South said...

Speaking of Roy Rogers, I was wondering if ya'll out west have ever heard of (or had) the chain of Roy Rogers fast food restaurnats. There's still a few left chugging along out here in the east!

7:00 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Ed,

Great to hear from you! I've heard of Roy Rogers restaurants, but have never eaten at one. It's nice to know there's some left!

I have such nice memories of watching Roy and Dale after school when I was growing up in the '70s.

Best wishes,

7:47 PM  
Blogger Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thanks for the link, Laura. As for the Roy Rogers restaurants, I've been to a couple that used to be in these parts. I had thought the chain started out west, California probably. I wonder when and where they did start?

4:50 AM  

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