Sunday, September 06, 2015

Today at Disneyland: Star Wars Mania

I enjoyed part of the holiday weekend at Disneyland today. Although traffic was a challenge getting in due to the half marathon, the crowds weren't bad inside the park.

It was a beautiful day, sunny but not too hot.

Today's fun included taking in the FROZEN show at the Royal Theatre in Fantasy Faire, which I previously saw last February. It's quite an amusing and well-done show.

It was rather fascinating to see how STAR WARS toys had taken over the Star Trader store! The cute robot BB-8 seems poised to be the most popular character in THE FORCE AWAKENS (2015), if the sheer amount of BB-8 merchandise is anything to go by:

Personally, I find it hard to be interested in buying toys of completely unfamiliar characters when I don't even know yet if I'll enjoy the movie! Yet people are grabbing them months in advance. We saw an entire shelf of BB-8 toys disappear in a short time period.

Of course, there was also some merchandise reminding us of old STAR WARS friends:

But what I brought home today was Figaro the Cat! I've never seen any Figaro merchandise for sale previously and will enjoy adding this to my Halloween decorations.

And speaking of Figaro, why is he missing from Fantasy Faire? Hopefully he's just undergoing refurbishment.

Happy Labor Day!


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