Friday, September 11, 2015

Today at Disney California Adventure: Last Days of Summer

We ended the week spending Friday evening relaxing at Disney California Adventure.

A somber reminder to everyone who entered the park of the significance of today's date:

Shots taken in Radiator Springs:

The Hollywood Tower Hotel:

Aladdin will close in January after a 13-year run. A new FROZEN show is coming to the Hyperion Theater next summer. I love FROZEN, but I think Disney is overexposing it at this point...

Another view in Hollywood Land, with a bit of tinting thanks to Instagram:

And some final shots at dusk as we say farewell to summer!

As we left at mid-evening there were hordes of people getting off the tram for the opening day of Halloween Time at Disneyland. Cars were backed up onto the freeway! I'll probably go see the decorations on a weekday to try to avoid the crowds.

Have a relaxing weekend!


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