Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coming to DVD: George O'Brien Western Collection

It's no secret here that I'm a huge fan of George O'Brien and that I especially love his RKO B Westerns.

It thus made my day to learn that the Warner Archive has a blockbuster nine-film George O'Brien Western Collection on the way in February!

The set is a sequel to the Archive's O'Brien Collection of a few years ago consisting of three films costarring Virginia Vale.

There's not a listing yet at the Warner Archive site, but Import CDs has the details, which I'm sure will be of great interest to my fellow "B" Western fans.

The set is due for release on February 23rd, with the following titles:

LAWLESS VALLEY (1938) with Kay Sutton

ARIZONA LEGION (1939) with Laraine Day (seen below right)

TROUBLE IN SUNDOWN (1939) with Rosalind Keith

RACKETEERS OF THE RANGE (1939) with Marjorie Reynolds

TIMBER STAMPEDE (1939) with Marjorie Reynolds

THE FIGHTING GRINGO (1939) with Lupita Tovar

BULLET CODE (1940) with Virginia Vale (seen below left)

PRAIRIE LAW (1940) with Virginia Vale

STAGE TO CHINO (1940) with Virginia Vale

Click the hyperlinked titles above for my past reviews.

I've been hoping for these Virginia Vale films ever since I fell in love with the first set, and to have so many other titles released simultaneously is amazing!

For those who are wondering which O'Brien RKO Westerns have yet to come to DVD, there are two more films he made with Laraine Day, BORDER G-MAN (1938) and PAINTED DESERT (1938), plus GUN LAW (1938) with Rita Oehmen (mother of Charmian Carr of THE SOUND OF MUSIC).

It should also be noted that THE RENEGADE RANGER (1938), costarring Tim Holt, is part of the Tim Holt Western Classics Collection, Volume 1.

Now if we could only get a final set of Tim Holt's not-yet-on-DVD RKO Westerns! But that's a wish for another day.

Thanks to John Knight for the great tip!

Update: Here are my new reviews of all the films from the set, LAWLESS VALLEY (1938), RACKETEERS OF THE RANGE (1939), TIMBER STAMPEDE (1939), TROUBLE IN SUNDOWN (1939), ARIZONA LEGION (1939), THE FIGHTING GRINGO (1939), BULLET CODE (1940), PRAIRIE LAW (1940), and STAGE TO CHINO (1940).


Blogger Jerry E said...

Wow! A terrific line-up to gladden the hearts of all O'Brien fans and western fans in general.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I so agree, Jerry! This was some of the best DVD news of the past year!!

Best wishes,

10:47 PM  
Blogger john k said...

Nine films for 22 bucks a great deal by anybody's standards.
I must say that the lovely artwork is far more inspired than the Dick Foran
collection. I wonder if we will get bonus trailers this time.
Warner Brothers are the only major studio giving a supreme service to vintage
film fans.

Jerry and I have been teasing our friend Colin about experiencing the wonderful
World of B Westerns. This would be a great place for him to start and won't break
the budget either!

4:24 AM  

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