Monday, June 06, 2016

Tonight's Movie: A Night of Adventure (1944)

Tom Conway and a solid cast star in A NIGHT OF ADVENTURE (1944), a breezy 65-minute RKO "B" movie.

Conway plays star defense attorney Mark Latham, who is continually ignoring his lovely wife Erica (Audrey Long) due to work.

When Mark deserts her in the middle of an important dinner, Erica moves out to think over the future of their marriage. She also becomes friendly with artist Tony Clark (Louis Borell), who wants to marry her.

When Tony is charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend Julie (Jean Brooks), Erica asks Mark to defend him. Mark has just two problems; the first is that he might be successful in obtaining the freedom of the man who might finish off the marriage he wants to save, and the second is that Mark knows exactly how Julie died, because he was in Tony's apartment at the time, but he doesn't want to admit it.

I'm fond of both Conway and Long, so I found it very enjoyable watching them work together as husband and wife.

RKO "B" films are great "movie comfort food," with their familiar casts and nice sense of style. Edward Brophy, who plays Mark's aide Steve, played a similar role in Conway's Falcon series, and Jean Brooks was in a number of Falcon films as well.

Also in the cast, playing a key witness, is a young Nancy Gates. Mark's barely-seen secretary, Miss Elliott, is played by Elaine Riley, who passed on earlier this year.

The cast is rounded out by Addison Richards, Russell Hopton, Emory Parnell, Jason Robards Sr., and Claire Carleton.

A NIGHT OF ADVENTURE was a remake of HAT, COAT AND GLOVE (1934) which starred Ricardo Cortez. It was directed by Gordon Douglas from a screenplay by Crane Wilbur.

The movie was shot in black and white by Frank Redman. The film was produced by Herman Schlom, who also produced SEVEN MILES FROM ALCATRAZ (1942), reviewed this past weekend.

A NIGHT OF ADVENTURE is not available on DVD or VHS, but has been shown on Turner Classic Movies. Hopefully at some point in the future this RKO film will be available from the Warner Archive, which has previously released Conway's crime films TWO O'CLOCK COURAGE (1945) and CRIMINAL COURT (1946) and Long's mystery STAGE STRUCK (1948).


Blogger Jerry E said...

I love RKO movies of that era, Laura! Stylish, as you say, and even their 'B' movies had good casts and production values. This film though has eluded me, sad to say, but it sounds like my kinda movie all right. Tom Conway was at his career peak in the 40s and his appeal has grown over recent years, for me. Nice to see this film reviewed.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Jerry! I so agree. RKO movies of this era are some of my very favorites. Hope you can see this one soon!

Best wishes,

11:46 PM  

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