Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948) in Nitrate at UCLA

The latest film to screen in the Archive Treasures series at UCLA is NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES (1948).

NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES screens in a 35mm nitrate print at UCLA's Billy Wilder Theater on Sunday, June 11th. The movie stars Edward G. Robinson, Gail Russell, and John Lund. It was directed by John Farrow and filmed by John F. Seitz.

I first reviewed this unique film in 2011, and four years ago I was fortunate to see a beautiful brand-new 35mm print during the Noir City Hollywood festival.

I plan to be at UCLA to see NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES again in nitrate! It will be my fifth nitrate screening in the past few months, following CASABLANCA (1942), ROAD HOUSE (1948), THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1934), and LAURA (1944). We're very fortunate to have two venues now regularly screening nitrate prints in the L.A. area.

NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES will be preceded by a nitrate 35mm color cartoon, LITTLE BROWN JUG (1948).

Update: Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948): A Photo Gallery.


Blogger Rick said...

I saw NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES a couple of times on the late show back in the sixties. Just recently I watched it again for the first time in 50 years.

I remembered it being very good, but I was shocked at the recent viewing of just how great it was. The atmosphere, the direction, the acting (particularly EG Robinson), just superb.

If not for a final reel turn into very standard, totally unnecessary mystery territory, I'd be tempted to call this a masterpiece.

12:21 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rick. I hope your high opinion helps encourage more people to check out the film, especially if they have the chance to see it at UCLA this month.

I've thought for some time now it's strange that both this film and MOONRISE, also starring Gail Russell, aren't on DVD. It seems like they'd be naturals for the Criterion Collection.

Best wishes,

12:14 AM  

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