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TCM in November: Highlights

Happy November!  It's time for a look at this month's schedule on Turner Classic Movies.

The November Star of the Month is Shelley Winters.  Over two dozen Winters films will be shown on Monday evenings this month.  Please note there will not be a separate Star of the Month post for November.

The theme for the TCM Spotlight series on Friday nights is "Under the Big Top."  A baker's dozen of circus-themed films will be shown during the course of the month, including THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (1952), THE BIG CIRCUS (1959), and BILLY ROSE'S JUMBO (1962).  Please click the "Under the Big Top" link for the dates.

November's Noir Alley titles are NIGHTFALL (1957) on November 7th and 8th, FEAR (1946) on the 14th and 15th, KISS ME DEADLY (1955) on the 21st/22nd, and SUSPENSE (1946) on November 28th and 29th.

I highly recommend NIGHTFALL, which stars Aldo Ray, Anne Bancroft, and Brian Keith, filmed in my beloved Eastern High Sierras.  You can check out my photo posts on the movie's locations here and here.

I'm also intrigued by the two Noir Alley films I've not yet seen. As I noted in my November preview, FEAR looks quite interesting; it's a Monogram film starring Warren William and Anne Gwynne, who happens to be the grandmother of current film star Chris Pine.

SUSPENSE has an interesting cast, starring Barry Sullivan, Bonita Granville, and the ice skater Belita (THE HUNTED). 

TCM also has an "At Home With the Kids" theme this month, highlighting several family-friendly films to enjoy with children, including MR. BELVEDERE GOES GO COLLEGE (1949) on November 24th and A LITTLE PRINCESS on November 26th.  Click the "At Home With the Kids" link for the complete list.

Below are a few of the additional noteworthy titles being shown on TCM in November.  Please click any hyperlinked title to read an extended review.

...The birthday of the late Ann Rutherford is celebrated during the daytime hours on November 2nd.  The multi-film lineup includes the very enjoyable "B" mystery TWO O'CLOCK COURAGE (1945) with Tom Conway.

...The first evening of Shelley Winters films on November 2nd includes one of my all-time favorite noir titles, CRY OF THE CITY (1948), with Victor Mature and Richard Conte leading a top cast, directed by Robert Siodmak.  Very highly recommended.

...I saw OUTRAGE (1950), starring Mala Powers and directed by Ida Lupino, as part of a 2018 Lupino tribute at UCLA.  It's an interesting film which took on unusually tough subject matter for its era.  It airs on TCM on November 3rd as part of the Women Make Film series.

...TCM pays tribute to Lizabeth Scott on November 4th with a lineup of five terrific films: TOO LATE FOR TEARS (1949), PITFALL (1948), THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS (1946), DEAD RECKONING (1947), and THE RACKET (1951). I've enjoyed them all but if I had to choose just one title to recommend it would be the first one shown that night, TOO LATE FOR TEARS. I love Scott's intense, over-the-top weirdness in that film, as well as the sympathetic supporting performances by Don DeFore and Kristine Miller.

...Jeremy Arnold's new book THE ESSENTIALS VOL. 2: 52 MORE MUST-SEE MOVIES AND WHY THEY MATTER is celebrated on November 5th with a lineup which includes THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR (1947), VERTIGO (1958), and CAT PEOPLE (1942).  I'll be reviewing the book here this month!

...The November 5th birthday of Joel McCrea is celebrated the next day, November 6th, with a nine-film lineup including the very special STARS IN MY CROWN (1950), directed by Jacques Tourneur.  It's one of McCrea's finest films.

...I recently revisited MGM's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (1940) and loved it all over again.  It's being shown on Sunday, November 8th.  Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier lead a fine cast.

...A favorite pre-Code, DR. MONICA (1934), airs on November 9th.  It stars Kay Francis, Warren William, and Jean Muir.  This film is not available on DVD, so get those DVRs humming!

...TCM marks Veterans Day on November 11th with a lineup of military films including Gary Cooper as SERGEANT YORK (1941).  I just revisited it for the first time in years and found it quite moving.

...November 12th is an evening of Leonard Maltin's Neglected Classics, something I hope will become a regular TCM feature.  The five films screening that night include Claudette Colbert, Ray Milland, and Fred MacMurray in THE GILDED LILY (1935); Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy in PENTHOUSE (1933); and Ann Sheridan and Steve Cochran in COME NEXT SPRING (1956).

...The MGM musical LADY BE GOOD (1941) airs on November 15th.  Eleanor Powell, Ann Sothern, Robert Young, a dancing dog, the Berry Brothers dance specialties, and "The Last Time I Saw Paris" combine for a very entertaining film.

...Kay Francis and Ian Hunter star in COMET OVER BROADWAY (1938) on November 16th.  I liked this one when I first saw it a couple years ago.  Francis fans should check it out.

...The superb "noir Western" BLOOD ON THE MOON (1948) gets another airing on November 17th.  Robert Mitchum, Barbara Bel Geddes, Robert Preston, and Walter Brennan star, directed by Robert Wise.  It's a terrific movie I highly recommend.

...I liked SHAG: THE MOVIE (1989) when I reviewed it a few years ago.  The title is silly but I enjoyed this colorful film about four young Southern women set in 1963.  It was directed by Zelda Barron and is another entry in the Women Make Film series.  It will be shown on the evening of the 17th.

...Robert Montgomery, Joan Crawford, and William Powell star in the very enjoyable THE LAST OF MRS. CHEYNEY (1937) on November 20th.

...PLYMOUTH ADVENTURE (1952) gets its traditional November airing on TCM on Saturday, November 21st.  Spencer Tracy, Gene Tierney, and Van Johnson star, directed by Clarence Brown.

...An evening of Shelley Winters Westerns on November 23rd includes an all-time favorite, WINCHESTER '73 (1950), with James Stewart heading a superb cast.  Directed by Anthony Mann. 

...Thanksgiving Eve on November 25th features several family-themed films, including CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (1950), MA AND PA KETTLE (1949), and SPENCER'S MOUNTAIN (1963).

...On Thanksgiving REAR WINDOW (1954) kicks off a 24-hour Alfred Hitchcock marathon. The excellent lineup includes favorites such as THE LADY VANISHES (1938) and SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943).

...The highly enjoyable romantic comedy SUNDAY IN NEW YORK (1963) airs on November 29th. Rod Taylor, Jane Fonda, Cliff Robertson, and Robert Culp are all at their most delightful in this one.

...The month ends in grand style with a seven-film tribute to Virginia Mayo on November 30th, kicking off with the delightful romantic comedy THE GIRL FROM JONES BEACH (1949), costarring Ronald Reagan.

For more on TCM in November, please visit the online schedule as well as my Quick Preview of TCM in November.  

For those readers who have not already discovered the changes for themselves, a major overhaul of the TCM website has caused a number of challenges, including not being able to easily look at the official monthly schedule before the first of the month.  Due to this I may not be able to do my usual long-range "Quick Previews" going forward, and Highlights posts such as this one may not be posted in the future until the month is underway.  

The new TCM site has frankly had a number of serious functionality issues since its debut.  Hopefully it remains a work in progress and we will see improvements to the site in the future.  

Happy classic movie viewing, and best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!


Blogger barrylane said...

Happy you mentioned the changes to the TCM site -- I hate them. I want to run the other way -- or at least complain, but that process has yet to become clear.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Caftan Woman said...

I haven't seen Nightfall in ages. You may or may not like Fear, but it is interesting and you won't feel cheated.

I like those family and circus movies popping up through the month. I think they'll be a needed mood lightener.

I am upset with the TCM site's schedule changes for how it impacts monthly blog posts I have come to rely on and enjoy, plus my own "Caftan Woman's Choice." I've done 111 posts since 2011. It's the sort of thing that gives a girl something to do!

1:26 PM  
Blogger Jerry Entract said...

Laura, I recently saw three of those Nightmare Alley films plus "OUTRAGE" and enjoyed all of them. I particularly agree about the excellent "NIGHTFALL", a real gripper. Thought "OUTRAGE" tackled a difficult subject for 1950 extremely well. I support your recommendations completely.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Barrylane, those site changes are so frustrating! Especially as they did away with the "hard copy" guide, leaving us with just that site for reference.

Caftan Woman, thank you for the feedback on FEAR. I recorded it and am curious to check it out. I share your pain on the site changes - if they don't improve things it will make blogging life difficult for both of us. I look forward to your "One for..." posts spotlighting TCM movies and congratulate you on having done so many in the last decade, that's marvelous! A lot of good writing and recommendations. :)

Jerry, glad you have been able to see many of the films mentioned. NIGHTFALL is such a favorite, and you're so right about OUTRAGE. Thank you for the recommendation endorsements!!

Best wishes,

11:24 PM  

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