Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"The Brilliance of Bush's Court Choice"

Howard Fineman weighs in at Newsweek, suggesting that Roberts "is very conservative -- and has a high probability of confirmation." (But couldn't Howard have found a better analogy than to liken the President's loyalty to "a hunting dog"?!)

The White House seems to have all their ducks in a row for a successful media offensive, beginning with the primetime announcement last night and continuing with their deputies discussing Roberts throughout the day. Rush Limbaugh, who rarely conducts interviews, just had a chat with Rudy Giuliani, who accurately said Democrats' "only objections to Roberts could be his philosophy, and that's not the Senate's choice, that's the President's choice."

V.P. Cheney will lead off Sean Hannity's radio program today just after noon, PDT.


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