Monday, July 18, 2005

Tonight's Movie: Heaven Can Wait (1943)

This evening we watched Ernst Lubitsch's 1943 romantic comedy HEAVEN CAN WAIT. We seem to have something of a "theme" going this week...last night it was THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES. In both films, Charles Coburn steals the picture, this time as a rascally grandfather.

A glowing Technicolor confection about the life of a playboy (Don Ameche), the film has a supporting cast featuring many of Hollywood's greatest character actors, including Louis Calhern, Spring Byington, Eugene Pallette, and Marjorie Main. Most especially, this film stars the luminous Gene Tierney, one of the most beautiful (and underrated) actresses ever to grace the screen.

This film was recently reissued on DVD by Criterion. Highly recommended.

2018 Update: HEAVEN CAN WAIT is now also available on a Criterion Collection Blu-ray.


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