Friday, July 22, 2005

The Washington Post should be ashamed...

...for printing this unsigned tripe in their Style section ridiculing the Roberts family as "Easter eggs" and "Necco wafers" because they were dressed respectfully -- I'd add beautifully -- for their visit to the White House. The article says the family "went too far" and in essence says they were dressed too nicely, especially the children.

The left can't bring down Roberts on the basis of talent or character, so in this instance it's been decided to attack him on the basis of his family's manner of dress.

For the left, even small children are fair game.

I find it quite curious that the paper and the author apparently didn't have the nerve to publish their insults under a byline.

(Registration may be required for the Washington Post.)

(Hat tip: Free Republic)

Friday Morning Update: The Style article now has a byline. The author is Robin Givhan.

See Betsy's Page and Michelle Malkin for more commentary on this story.


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