Sunday, August 07, 2005

Keep the Space Shuttle Crew In Your Prayers

They'll be landing in the wee hours, Pacific Time, but perhaps the sonic boom we usually hear on re-entry will wake us up.

A live thread to follow the landing coverage has already been started at Free Republic. This thread contains schedules, maps, and links to live video coverage.

Free Republic scooped the Mainstream Media with coverage of the Columbia disaster, as various FReepers reported unusual things they were seeing in the sky in real time. We trust that unlike last time, this thread will have happy news.

Update: It's quite interesting, looking at the re-entry maps, the shuttle will not be passing over California as usual. Instead, the re-entry passes over Central America. Unless they end up having to land at Edwards Air Force Base due to poor weather, we won't be hearing the usual sonic boom as the shuttle passes over California.


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