Monday, September 19, 2005

FEMA and the Feds Just Can't Win

For days we heard endlessly about the supposed lack of a federal response and federal management of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Yet now that someone is firmly in charge, in the person of Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad Allen, and Allen is cautioning that New Orleans is not ready to safely reopen -- due to lack of drinkable water and emergency medical help, for starters -- Mayor Ray Nagin is huffily complaining that Allen may be "the new federal crowned Mayor of New Orleans."

It seems the Feds are only wanted when they can pick up the pieces of local mismanagement or when they make convenient scapegoats.


Blogger Robin B said...

One fortunate by-product of the impending Rita Hurricane may be the prevention of people returning to N.O.

According to a friend the Red Cross has received 48 families thus far in Modesto. We are asking the Red Cross for a project for our church youth group.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

That is wonderful that Modesto has been so hospitable. Would love to hear more about what your church is able to do to help.

Congrats on setting up your blogging page!!

11:37 AM  

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