Thursday, September 29, 2005

For Cupcake Fans Only

52 Cupcakes (linked above) introduced me to a neat website, Confectionery House, which carries a wide variety of cupcake liners. My children are going to have fun picking out some new designs to use in future months.

Last weekend I placed an order for baking supplies with Bakers Catalogue -- including shamrock cupcake liners on sale to use next March :).

I also bought Cup-a-Cake containers, which I was first introduced to by Mrs. Happy Housewife.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I order from the baker's catalog also. My most recent purchases were the hot dot bun pan, the mini hamburger bun pan, and the small sub roll pan. I love that catalog but I didn't like the recipes that came with the pans.
I enjoyed my visit and I will add you to my favorites.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Welcome! Sounds like you'll be all set for fresh homemade buns of all types :). I haven't tried Baker's Catalogue's recipes yet, although I have tried a couple of their bread machine mixes. I ordered their popover mix this time around to see if I like it better than the Best Recipe version I made recently.

I'm delighted you enjoyed the site, please do come again. Best wishes -- Laura

3:19 PM  

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