Friday, September 23, 2005

Go, Arnold, Go!

I disagree with our governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on a number of issues, public funding for stem cell research being just one. Still, I feel that the "half a loaf" California conservatives have with Arnold is better than what we had under the previous Davis Administration, or would have under a Bustamante Administration.

On days I read an article like this, where the governor comes out passionately in favor of parental notification if a teen is considering an abortion, I'm glad he's our governor. His recent vetoes of bills passed by our liberal legislature, which would have allowed homosexual marriage and driver's licenses for illegal aliens, are two more reasons to appreciate his being in the governor's office instead of Gray Davis.

In other California political news, earlier this week I found a fundraising letter from Mel Gibson in my mailbox, urging support for Tom McClintock for Lt. Governor. McClintock, for those of you outside California, is a staunch conservative -- not the kind of candidate supported by typical Hollywood stars, but then Mel has proven himself not to be a typical Hollywood star :).

Update: James Taranto of Opinion Journal muses that Senator Dianne Feinstein must really appreciate Governor Schwarzenegger thinking "as a father." (Not!)


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