Monday, September 26, 2005

New Orleans Deaths Exaggerated By Media?

The media's role in New Orleans deserves extensive study. Aside from irresponsibly laying blame for the immediate response almost entirely on the federal government and losing all perspective for the big picture, it now appears that the number of deaths at the Superdome and Convention Center were nowhere near what we'd been led to believe.

(Hat tip: Lucianne.)

Update: Power Line says It's Time to Investigate the Press.


Blogger Robin B said...

This is very powerful. I knew soon after the first report of rape and that seeing it immediately spread as the first word of headlines: "Rape, murder, mayhem in N.O." that I needed to consciously ignore it. Something didn't sit right.
I submit that the idea that the "press" is there to protect us from the "institutions" of government and corporations is no longer the valid argument it may have once been. The media is an institution itself and is clearly incapable of self-control. These are the very same "professionals" who will blast our president and others for claiming the existence of WMD. They will go as far as implying or stating outright that "the American people were lied to."
Who will carry the bullhorn and shout that we were lied to about the conditions in the Superdome. And how is it possible that these reporters that were actually on the ground, there at the scene wading around in the "toxic" river could get it so very wrong?

10:07 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I agree 100%...if word of this actually gets around enough places, it's going to further dent the media's credibility, already strained by Rathergate, etc.

10:50 PM  

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