Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Laura Ingraham for SCOTUS!

Richard Miniter of National Review uses Laura Ingraham's resume to make the point that while Harriet Miers may be acceptably qualified for the Supreme Court, she is not the most qualified, as the White House has been insisting.

The White House argument that Miers is the most qualified for the job is one of the things that's made me especially uncomfortable about this nomination. There are doubtless hundreds, if not thousands, of lawyers who have similar records of legal work and public service, and there are a number of potential nominees who have more impressive resumes. The only thing that is different about Miers is her close work with the President.

Miers' White House experience is a plus, and she may turn out to be a fine nominee, but I'd like a little more honesty about whether or not she's the "most" qualified.


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