Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Character Education in the Movies

Betsy Newmark has a nice post today building on a National Review article by Thomas Hibbs about the use of movies for educating "the moral imagination" with positive role models.

In addition to HARRY POTTER and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, which Hibbs discusses, Betsy mentions the lessons taught in WALK THE LINE. (Cash's religious conversion was soft-pedaled in the film, but it was implied, along with his recognition of his failures and the need to change his behavior.)

There are many, many older films which also have value as character lessons, whether it's PRIDE OF THE YANKEES, APOLLO 13, or CHARIOTS OF FIRE. I could name countless others which communicate positive messages about morals and values. One reason I like my sons, in particular, to watch John Wayne or older WWII movies is because of the examples they depict of leadership and courage.

As Betsy notes, it's good to recognize that some newer movies also model the kinds of behavior young people should emulate.


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