Friday, December 30, 2005

Justice Department Opens Leak Probes

The leaks of classified material to THE NEW YORK TIMES and THE WASHINGTON POST will be investigated by the Justice Department. Michelle Malkin has links galore (above).

I wonder if the NYT will think this investigation is as "important" as the Plamegate investigation? Some in the media are already outraged and pushing the "good leak" theory: "The public needed to know about it." (Lucianne has a link to an Editor and Publisher article making this very assertion, if you scroll down to the 3:35 P.M. post; a direct link to the Editor and Publisher article isn't working.)

Speaking of Plame, there was an odd story in yesterday's press; Plame and Wilson's 5-year-old son announced to a reporter, in an airport interview, that "My mommy's a secret spy." (What's with giving interviews in airports, anyway? Wilson and Plame obviously don't really want privacy...)


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