Saturday, December 03, 2005

Louisiana Greed?

Louisiana officials complain they haven't yet received enough federal dollars to fund their rebuilding.

Maybe if the state's representatives hadn't been so greedy, asking for an outrageous $250 billion, they might have received more funds by now?

I note that Walter Isaacson, vice chair of the Louisiana Recovery Authority, says "We're not asking for $250 billion anymore," he said. "We're asking for things that at most would total one-fifth of that." Which just shows to go how wrongheaded Louisiana's initial demands were.

Senator Landrieu insists her actions had nothing to do with the initial resistance to meeting Louisiana's high demands, as she continues to childishly zing the administration: "I'm not sure it was ever the intention of this administration to really help."

Whatever happened to the idea that the state and local communities should take the chief responsibility for helping themselves?

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