Thursday, December 01, 2005

Revolt Brewing Against Arnold?

Hugh Hewitt said today on the radio that he is on the verge of regretting his endorsement of Governor Schwarzenegger. When Hugh, a Republican party loyalist to the core, says something like that publicly, you know the situation isn't good.

George Neumayr of The American Spectator (linked above) quotes the California Republican Assembly President, Mike Spence, likening Arnold's appointment of Susan Kennedy as chief of staff to "George Bush appointing Howard Dean to be his chief of staff."

Kennedy, incidentally, is not related to California's First Lady, Maria Shriver, whose mother is, of course, a Kennedy.

A point in the article I question: "They were given a choice between a meaningful victory with real Republican Tom McClintock or a hollow victory with a de facto Democrat, and they chose the latter." As deeply as I admire McClintock, I'm not sure he was a viable candidate against Democrat Cruz Bustamante. Perhaps McClintock might have been able to win with Scharzenegger out of the picture, but the real choice might have been a loss with a "real Republican" versus the "hollow victory with a de facto Democrat." And as much as I dislike some of Governor Schwarzenegger's policies, to date I think we've been better off than we would have been with Davis or Bustamante in office over the past months.

I wonder if there is any seriousness whatsoever to the idea that Mel Gibson's name "is being floated." I suspect it doesn't have much basis in reality, but I was intrigued to receive a fundraising letter for McClintock from ol' Mel a few weeks ago.

The Governor did appoint a Republican as his new finance chief today.


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