Monday, January 30, 2006

Alito Vote Will Be Tuesday

Confirm Them details the proceedings today, as the Democrats' attempted filibuster failed. Bench Memos has the cloture vote roll call.

Senator Kerry, incidentally, invoked the name of Bench Memos' Ed Whelan in his floor speech today.

Ted Kennedy seemed to come close to a nervous breakdown as he engaged in a screaming rant on the Senate floor today, going so far as to blame Judge Alito for children's asthma attacks: "We have doubled the number of deaths from asthma this year than we had five years ago, doubled the deaths for children. I wonder why that is? I don't know what you tell the mother when they see the children having that intensity... pass laws, the president sign them, they go to the court in terms of interpretation, and where will this nominee come out? Will he come on out for that mother who has a child that's got asthma?"


As Rush Limbaugh said on his show today, someone needs to tell Senator Kennedy the relative numbers of children who have died from abortion versus asthma.

Michelle Malkin live-blogged Kennedy's rant.


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