Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Barrett Report: Cover-Ups and Questions

As expected, the report by Independent Counsel David Barrett charges that under the Clinton Administration, there was a deliberate attempt by the Justice Department and IRS to block his investigation into wrongdoing by former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros. Robert Novak has some of the details (above).

A fascinating bit of info, highlighted by Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters, is that Cisneros' former defense attorney is now Chief of Internal Affairs at the IRS.

Captain Ed believes these charges will prove "explosive" for Hillary Clinton's Senate re-election or possible Presidential campaigns, but I'm not so sure. Thanks in part to the willingness of the mainstream media to look the other way and not ask her hard questions, I wonder just how much traction this issue will get. Hillary's "missing" billing records, her $100,000 cattle futures windfall, and a host of other questionable activities didn't stand in the way of her being elected to the Senate.

The New York Daily News said yesterday that among the redacted pages was the information that former IRS Commissioner Peggy Richardson was one of those who tried to block the investigation. The law firm of Williams & Connolly, which represents Cisneros and both Clintons, successfully lobbied for the information regarding Richardson's involvement to be removed from the published report.

Power Line noticed something interesting in the New York Times' coverage.

Will Congress ever see to it that the American taxpayers see the report in its entirety?


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