Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Democrats on the Edge...

...or maybe it's "the ledge." The last few days have been of note for a level of invective remarkable even for Democrats.

As if the nutty statements by Democrats like Ray Nagin and Ted Kennedy weren't enough -- scroll down this blog for details -- earlier this week Hillary Clinton charged that the House of Representatives is run like a plantation, and Senator Barack Obama has defended her.

The White House spoke out against Hillary's statements, saying she was "out of bounds."

Michelle Malkin has written about Hillary's demagoguery at Town Hall, as well as at her blog (scroll down).

Captain's Quarters also weighs in on Hillary.

The White House also disputed Al Gore and John Kerry saying that the President broke the law with regard to wiretapping. Kerry went so far as to say that the President "definitely" broke the law, readily ignoring any evidence or arguments to the contrary.

Power Line writes, in essence, that Al Gore was for wiretapping before he was against it.

David Limbaugh (headline link) hopes that the Democrats will keep spreading their unusual brand of "optimism."

Does it strike anyone else that Clinton, Gore, and Kerry seem to be running against George W. Bush, rather than any of the possible nominees for 2008?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that the White House if FINALLY starting to fight back a bit, albeit tepidly.

However, where is Hassert? Any other Speaker would have dressed her down one side and up the other. Historically, any other majority party would have gone into orbit and given such comments the nuclear response that they deserve.

Again, nice to see the White House reacting, but as a party, and as a (conservative) movement, we are not engaging, and that will cost us in November.

2:56 PM  
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