Friday, January 27, 2006

Expedition Everest at Disney World

Kevin Yee at Mice Age has a remarkable series of photos of the big new Expedition Everest roller coaster at Disney World's Animal Kingdom.

Spoiler alert: Only look if you don't mind knowing what all of the ride looks like before your first trip!

I can't wait to try it out when we're able to return to Florida.

Meanwhile, here's my first attempt at posting a photo here. Thought those of you across the country might enjoy seeing what Disneyland looks like in January. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, you posted a pic! And a great pic with lots of beautiful colors! I'm jealous; most of our snow has melted and it's brown and drab here. Looking forward to more of your pictures.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Came to your blog via Spunky Homeschool. I've enjoyed reading your various posts. I wanted to comment on the Roller Coaster, as we live in Orlando (just north actually) and had a chance to ride it last Thursday as extras for the promotional materials. It is really awesome, but not so intense that your little ones can't ride (don't know how old your kids are, but still thought I'd mention it. My youngest son is 6 and he rode it 7 times!!)=) You will love it when you come!!

Happy homeschooling!

Phyllis in FL

4:56 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Phyllis!! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing the great news about Expedition Everest. Since we saw how huge the mountain was when we were there last summer I was a little worried if it would be too "extreme" for some of us. I'm so glad to hear how much you and your little guy liked it! My youngest is 7 and pretty adventurous so it sounds perfect --especially as finances won't likely allow us to return for a couple years :( -- and he'll be even older then!

We've been to Disney World twice now and loved it -- as Disneyland fans (I met my husband when we worked in the park during college years) we weren't sure what we'd think of WDW, and it was *so* amazing. We are lucky to live near Disneyland -- but you are really fortunate to live in Orlando! :)

Thanks for taking the time to leave a note, and I hope you'll visit again. Best wishes, Laura

5:52 PM  

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